You Are Not Alone: Living with Bipolar Disorder

By | March 25, 2019

Al Levin interviews Erez Shek, mental health advocate known for his vlog, “Shek Chek”.

In this episode, Al interviews Erez Shek, mental health advocate and vlogger (recorded 3-19-18). In this very candid interview, Erez opens up to the challenges he has had living with Bipolar Disorder; from receiving his Bipolar diagnosis on the phone, to seeing a doctor who disregarded his Bipolar diagnosis when prescribing medication to him, to going to rehab for an addiction to Ambien. In addition, Erez tries to help us understand what it’s like to be in the midst of a mania.

Known for his “Shek Check” vlogs, Erez is a staunch advocate for mental health with a focus on Bipolar Disorder. Erez now uses his experiences to further his advocacy work. He utilizes his theatre background and humor to create incredibly creative, inspirational videos. Learn more about Erez, and check out his videos, by visiting his website.

Originally Published on The Depression Files

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