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‘It's very hard to tell parents their child is no more', reveals paediatric heart surgeon

‘It’s very hard to tell parents their child is no more’: Surgeon at heart of moving BBC NHS documentary Hospital reveals harrowing moment doctors have to tell families a loved one is dead Dr Ramana Dhannapuneni, 51, stars in tonight’s episode of Hospital on BBC Two He is a consultant surgeon at the Alder Hey… Read More »

We've only just found out exactly how sperm wiggle their tails to swim

Where there’s a wiggle, there’s a waySCIEPRO/SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY We thought we had sperm figured out, but it turns out they wiggle in mysterious ways. The finding could shed light on why some men have fertility problems, and lead to more accurate diagnostic tests for infertility. Sperm move forward by wiggling their long tails, taking… Read More »