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Should USMLE Step 1 be pass-fail?

On March 11th and 12th, representatives from the NBME, AMA, AAMC, Federation of State Medical Boards and the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates gathered in Philadelphia for InCUS — the Invitational Conference on USMLE Scoring — to discuss potential changes regarding how Step 1 is scored. InCUS came about as a result of a… Read More »

Should You Eat the New Fake Meats?

Over time, meat substitutes have gotten increasingly more like real meat. The question is, are these newer, so-called virtuous alternatives to meat healthier than the real meat they mimic? Friends of mine used to run a vegetarian restaurant. Their customers would come in and interrogate them about menu items: what kind of oils were used in… Read More »

8 Grooming Tips That All Men Should Know

— Men of the 21st Century have now acquired a finer taste for their presentation. Time in the bathroom once spent tending to bare essential tasks has become a cultural marker of a man. Men of all ages, shapes, sizes, and hair surface area, are caring more about how they look and feel. And social… Read More »