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Telehealth use increasing most among non hospital-based providers

Dive Brief: Providers not based in hospitals are rapidly adopting telehealth, reaching about 1% of all claims studied by nonprofit FAIR Health in a recent white paper. In 2018, non hospital-based providers accounted for 84% of all telehealth claims, up from 52% in 2014. Those most likely to use telehealth services were people aged 31… Read More »

Half of H.I.V. Patients Are Women. Most Research Subjects Are Men.

Inspired by reports of a second patient apparently freed of infection with H.I.V., the virus that causes AIDS, scientists are pursuing dozens of ways to cure the disease. But now, researchers must reckon with a longstanding obstacle: the lack of women in clinical trials of potential H.I.V. treatments, cures and vaccines. Women make up just… Read More »

How a former club kid opened one of NYC’s most iconic yoga studios

She’s an internationally acclaimed yoga teacher who gracefully slides into poses — everything from powerful warriors to impossibly bendy forward-folds. But the first time Dana Trixie Flynn took a yoga class, she hated it. “I was like, ‘I can’t do this, I’m not flexible,’ ” she remembers, dismissing yoga — still a relatively obscure New… Read More »