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Is Amarin’s Fish-Oil-Derived Drug A Historic Breakthrough Or Not? It’s Complicated

Vascepa is not just any fish oil, and is different from over-the-counter supplements. Here’s a picture of a salmon jumping over the Goldstream River.Getty Cardiologists are still grappling with clinical trial results released last week that showed that Vascepa, a fish-oil-derived drug, reduced heart attacks, strokes, and deaths from cardiovascular disease by 25% in patients… Read More »

Adolescents Need To Learn About Depression – Before It’s Too Late

402 Shares Danny Baker points out that teaching our kids about depression is as important as teaching them about sex and drunk driving. — Adolescents need to be educated about depression. They need to be educated about depression in school, and they also need to be educated about depression at home—in the same way they’re… Read More »