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By | October 15, 2018

Hey hey friends! Happy Friday! Hope you’ve have a wonderful week. What are you up to this weekend? I’m catching up on a ton of work stuff – my reward is a pedicure if I crush it because it’s been a while – meeting up with friends for dinner tonight, and the avalanche of birthday parties starts this Sunday. I’d love to hear what you have going on!

It definitely feels like we’re headed into the most fun part of the year. There’s a little bit of coolness in the air, meaning it’s less than 100 degrees, and there are so many events and celebrations to look forward to. 

Now it’s time for the weekly Friday Faves party. This is where I share some of my favorite wears, reads, eats, and finds from the week. I always love to hear what you’re enjoying, too, so please shout out a fave in the comments below!

Fashion and fragrance:

PHLUR aka the reason I’ve been sniffing my arm like a weirdo all week. I’ve been researching more natural perfume options because many of them are either filled with toxic ingredients or make me sneeze. I stopped wearing perfume for the most part a while ago when I started diving into the ingredients in health and beauty products. I found a couple I loved at the health food store, but found that they didn’t have the same lasting power as a regular perfume.


A friend recommended PHLUR and I was excited to give it a try. They’re completely transparent about their ingredients, which I love (!), and are nontoxic and safe. Claps all around. I ordered the $ 18 sample set of three because you can use the $ 18 towards a full-sized bottle of your choice.

Phlur review

I picked Améline, Sandara and Hanami. 

I was blown away by the fragrances. They all smell completely different and so fresh and beautiful. Améline was bright and floral (my very fave), Sandara was a bit more earthy and spiced (which matured amazingly and smelled even better after a few hours), and Hanami was light and aquatic.

I decided to order Améline for now and will order Hanami for more of a spring and summer scent later on. If you want to give it a try, you can use my link to get 50% off your first sample set! (So a sample set is only $ 9 and the perfect size to stash in your purse.) I hope you love it as much as I do.

These boots came in and I’m obsessed with them. (Sold out but here’s a similar pair!) They’re a little more edgy than my usual style but it feels fun to switch things up. You can check out my fall capsule wardrobe picks here. <3


Food + drink:

Pumpkin cider. The other night I popped a bottle of this, turned on This Is Us, and was pretty much living my best life. I love the mild hint of pumpkin, but feel like it tastes more like apple pie than anything. Found it at Whole Foods!


So many great family dinner ideas here.

On breakfast repeat:


(gluten-free waffles, almond butter, blueberries, and egg whites)

Ok I need all of these.

Trying this salad this week.

Read, watch, listen:

Please check out my latest post for WebMD here! Tips on keeping the intensity of your workout while minimizing joint impact.

How your thoughts fuel your stomach.

Tips for a long and happy life.

This week’s podcast episode was and so inspiring. Listen here if you missed it! 


Why you might not be seeing lean muscle gains.

Lower body stepper workout.

If we all need another reason to pick up those weights, here it is.

A workout to pump you up. See what I did there?

Pumpkin lunge

(Also I thought the pumpkin was going to be light but…it was not.)

Happy Friday, friends!



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