Mets Tes Baskets Dans L Entreprise Zoom Sur

Peu aprиs, pendant que les joueurs en costume recevaient leur trophйe en quatriиme vitesse, les perturbateurs ont dйployй une banderole “Libertй pour les ultras”, en rйfйrence а la politique de sйcurisation du Parc des Princes mise en place il y a trois ans par le prйcйdent prйsident du PSG Robin Leproux (2009-2011), en rйaction а… Read More »

THCB Spotlights: Livio AI

Today we are featuring another #TechCrunchDisrupt2018 THCB Spotlight. Matthew Holt interviews LivioAI, which is an AI hearing aid created by Starkey Technologies. Worldwide, there are 700 Million people with hearing loss but only 10% wear a device to help them. That number is appalling especially because there are a number of co-morbid illnesses linked with hearing… Read More »

How Much Safe Is It To Take Keto Diet?

The keto diet— short for ketogenic diet— is having quite a moment right now! It has been wildly famous on social media in recent weeks and months, and Google searches for related “keto” terms have shot up since the beginning of 2018. Celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian and Tim Tebow have even joined the hype and… Read More »